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[Press Release] WCG 2019 Xi'an closing ceremony, presenting value of participation and future

One of the world's largest esports festivals, WCG 2019 Xi’an, ended its four-day event after it was resurrected after six years.Starting on July 18th, the event started with a grand opening ceremony with 506 players from 34 countries. WCG 2019 Xi’an presented not just an esports tournament but also the vision of future esports – New Horizons, knowledge sharing, practice forums - Conference, world-class electronic music festival, and cosplay contests, creating an event that everyone could participate in, and setting a brand new model of a global esports festival. In the game sports tournament, China won four gold medals in Warcraft III, Crossfire, Honor of Kings, and DOTA2 to become the grand champions. WCG conveys the value of "participation" and "future" to the millennials with various content. Not only professional players, but also amateur players can challenge and become champions through competition while creating friendships and happy memories. During the closing ceremony, WCG Jung Jun Lee said "This edition of the WCG has truly been a milestone achievement for us. We are one of the world’s longest-running esports competitions. The WCG opened an exciting new chapter for our future.We fostered participation and harmony and used the spirit of competition to point the way forward for everyone. I hope you look forward to the upcoming WCG 2020”.


Japan's First won Robot Fighting Championship Gold Medal

Robot Fighting2019-07-21

[NH] Korea's KGSGT won AI Master Gold Medal

AI Masters2019-07-21

[NH] VR Championship Gold Medal winner - SadlyitsBradley (USA)

VR Championship2019-07-21