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The Final Battle! WCG 2019 Grand Final Digest!

Only the final battle now remains as everyone turns their eyes to Xi’an.The WCG 2019 Xi’an Grand Final, where world-renowned players will put national pride on the line, will be held for four days from July 18 to July 21.National representatives for each game have already been selected through the four regional finals, and only two teams per region have survived, so now a total of eight teams in each event have arrived at the Grand Final. The competition to win medals in the six official events is expected to be fiercer than ever before.Four days may seem like a short period of time, but there are many things, and players, to watch! Let’s take a brief look at what to expect in each of the events.* Hearthstone–Too Close to CallThe meta changed with the launch of the Hearthstone expansion back during the regional finals, and many people were of the opinion that it would be impossible to predict the winners. Just as expected, the battles were too close to call.‘TechnoGoose’ (from Sweden), exhibited impressive skills at the regional finals. This gamer, who is part of ‘Team Singularity,’ has a lot of playing experience—dating back almost to the beta days of the game. He secured first place at the tight European regional finals by maintaining a very stable play style using the Paladin Deck.'Asbefore' and 'LFReconnect' also used the experience they accumulated in local tournaments to triumph at the regional finals and will now participate in the Grand Final as representatives of China. Due to home court advantage, these players will vie for the gold medal amidst cheers from local fans. Players from the Americas are also worthy of note. 'TerrenceM’ from the US boasts the highest recorded prize winnings of all the competitors playing in the Grand Final. He has consistently made it to at least the quarterfinals in DreamHack and also won the PAX West Showdown. ‘Tempo’ from Chile, another representative of the Americas at the Grand Final, has been competing in tournaments since 2016 and was the captain of his national team in 2018.There are also some players whose unique stories have drawn much attention throughout the qualifiers. ‘Fluorine’ from Hong Kong was participating in his first offline tournament when he took first place at the APAC finals, making it all the way to the Grand Final. ‘Exigo’ from Hungary, who is an accountant by day, was also able to make it to Xi’an after scoring a dramatic win in a tie-breaker in his last Hearthstone match at the age of 29.* Clash Royale—A Fusion of Young BloodClash Royale is a game that’s enjoyed by all types of people around the world, so it’s no surprise that a diverse group of participants have made it to the Grand Final. This event also features many teenage finalists, who have caused quite a stir because of their passion for the game.Clash Royale also made headlines this year when a top player proved that spending money is not everything when it comes to winning mobile games. 'Wenwenwen’ (China) has never spent money on the game in which he now excels. He simply worked hard over the course of two years, three months to achieve the maximum deck level. He recorded 20 consecutive wins in a tournament in late March and then competed in the WCG preliminaries, making it all the way to the Grand Final.‘gdh65,’ who is a Japanese-New Zealander, made waves by passing the APAC finals at the age of 16. Another player, 17-year-old 'Arctic Paul’ (France), has been part of the French national team since 2018.Contestants who are part of professional teams and have championship experience are also of keen interest. ‘Taoki’ (Taiwan) of KIX Team and ‘JuicyJ’ (USA) of Team Liquid passed the regionals with a strong record of six wins and one loss each. Another player to watch out for in the Grand Final is ‘UND FrancoMSL’ (Argentina) of ‘Undead Gaming.’* Dota 2—Up for Grabs Even with Chinese Dream TeamNational matches for team games are fun to watch as players break away from their teams and are grouped according to nationality. With great strides made by the Southeast Asian region, this year’s groupings at the WCG provide a true sense of balance. China’s ‘Newbee’ team boasts the most star-studded lineup. Players ‘sccc’ and ‘Fenrir,’ who have recorded over USD 1 million in winnings, are considered the team’s star players, but the team’s other members are just as skilled. Everyone can’t help but wonder if team ‘Newbee’—which won the International 2014 and placed second in 2017—will claim WCG glory.China’s ‘CDEC’ is another fan favorite. This team recorded wins against all the other teams including ‘Newbee’ in the regional finals, showing great momentum, and are said to be a strong contender for the gold at the Grand Final‘ThunderPredator’ (Peru) is a team that has been receiving a lot of attention after exhibiting great skills in the Americas regional finals. The team was established in Lima, Peru in 2016 and had a perfect record of seven wins and no losses in its region. Meanwhile, the US team ‘Black Sheep’ was organized solely for the WCG, and they are playing in the global arena with ‘Sammyboy’ at the center position.* Warcraft III — The World’s Four Front-Runners Meet Once AgainOf all the Warcraft III matches, the clashes between Korea and China are the mostly highly anticipated. As expected, two Korean representatives passed the APAC regionals and these players will once again meet up with their Chinese rivals, who they have battled over the past ten years, to fight to the finish at the WCG Grand Final.Jang Jae-ho (Korea), an established legend in Warcraft III, is undisputedly the ‘fifth race.’ He boasts the world’s most illustrious Warcraft career, and is still one of the favorites to win it all. He has won countless tournaments, but has yet to conquer the WCG, leaving many people wondering if he will finally be able to fulfill his goal.‘TH000’ (China), who defeated Jang Jae-ho to win the gold medal at WCG 2013, will also appear at Xi’an as he attempts to win his second WCG gold. He is still on top of his game, recording six wins and one loss as the winner of the Chinese regionals. If he rises once again in 2019, he will be able to boast two consecutive wins as the champion of Warcraft III.Another legendary player is ‘Infi’ (China), who is also a strong contender for the WCG title. He came in second place with five wins and two losses at the Chinese regionals, but defeated TH0000, proving that he is a top-class player. He won the gold medal at WCG in 2009, so if he wins the gold again this year, he will be able to retake the throne as the ‘King of Warcraft III’ after a decade.Jo Ju-yeon (Korea) is also a player that has been impressing fans with his skillful playing. At the APAC regionals, he even defeated Jang Jae-ho, going unbeaten in all seven games. He is currently viewed as the game’s most skillful player. Even though it is his first time representing his country, nobody is taking him lightly.* Crossfire—Chinese Stars and Formidable Dark HorsesA total of eight teams—two teams from the Chinese regionals and six teams from around the world—will play in the Crossfire event at the Grand Final.The most notable team is China’s 'SUPER VALIANT.' Centered on player ’18,’ known as the ‘Legend of Crossfire,’ ‘SUPER VALIANT’ is a super team with a star lineup that includes players such as ‘N9’ and ‘MZiN’. Together, the team’s members have won prizes totaling close to USD 1 million throughout their careers.Another favorite to win the Crossfire title is China’s ‘ALL GAMERS.’ Both ‘SUPER VALIANT’ and ‘ALL GAMERS’ had six wins and one loss at the regional finals, but ‘ALL GAMERS’ was able to defeat ‘SUPER VALIANT’ head-to-head. The set score between the two teams was 10:4, showing that ‘ALL GAMERS’ are at the top of their game.The strongest dark horse outside of China is ‘Black Dragons’ from Brazil. ‘Black Dragons’ is the world’s most organized team, and it has also beaten Chinese powerhouses in the past. Other teams to take note of are ‘GOLDEN V,’ the Crossfire team representing Germany, and Russia’s ‘ruLegends,’ which has continued to gain momentum ever since it was named the runner-up at the CFS in 2018.* Honor of Kings—Amateurs and Pros Meet to Determine the ‘King of the World’Honor of Kings is one of the most popular games in China, but it is not played only in China. It is estimated that there are over 200 million Honor of Kings players around the world. Even though the game originated in China, and the Chinese team is currently the most powerful, there are still more than enough chances for upsets.The teams that passed the amateur preliminaries in China are ‘Dteam’ and ‘KSSC.’ Dteam, which took first place by going undefeated in the full league, is drawing a lot of attention for its powerful play. Even when at a disadvantage, the team keeps attacking aggressively and based on the outstanding skills of its individual players, the team was able to flip the tables and win the regional finals.KSSC came in second with six wins and one loss (to Dteam), but also showed stable gameplay by focusing on single blows. VSTAR and AG.Y, which will participate as global pro invitees, are also possible candidates to win the championship.Teams from other countries, such as 'GeO eSports' and 'INTZ' from Brazil are also worthy of note. ‘BMGaming,’ undisputedly the strongest Honor of Kings team in North America, is also expected to add an interesting element to the tournament.

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